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Any questions relating to donations can be found on my rates page. But for any further questions please feel free to contact me directly in a discreet manner. I accept cash, and all major credit cards as well as paypal. I do not take trades or am willing to negotiate my rates. 


If you decide, for whatever reason, to cancel the appointment you have made then please give me advanced notice. I do understand that sometimes situations arise that may cause you to cancel last minute but please understand as well that my time is precious and in high demand. If you cancel last minute and I agree to rebook you, you may have to pay a deposit depending on the circumstances.  If it happens agin you will be added to my black list. 




Clean, fresh-smelling men exude a magic over the opposite sex. Science has shown that a woman's sense of smell is far greater than that of their male counterpart. This advanced function of the female means that she appreciates delicious fragrances more. Obversely, it also means she dislikes fowl smells even less! Before our meeting always ensure you are clean. It only takes 10 minutes to brush your teeth and take a shower. I take 10 times such preparation.Personal hygiene may not only relates to the client but also the abode, whether personal residence or hotel. If the premises are not clean and respectable then I will cancel our session and leave.


I reserve the right to cancel or end any session for any reason at anytime. please treat me with respect as I will you. Please do not rush our time together as I like to get to know one another and appreciate the time to do so.